Museum of London





Farringdon, London

Project Year

2021 - 2023


£200 Million


The Museum of London is relocating. Currently it resides in the Barbican, the brutalist architecture of the 1960s. The new home, is older not newer, as it will be contained within the existing structure of the Victorian era Farringdon Meat Markets. This new cultural centre will house the history of London, and what a fitting location for this sustainable new world class destination. The project covers the General Market area, along with the annex that housed the Fish Market, Red House and Engine House.


Keltbray is the Concrete Contractor at the Museum, delivering this complex refurbishment project. 60% of the General Market was preserved,  retaining as much of the buildings’ original structures by enhancing the structural integrity.


New reinforced trenches and new RC foundations were constructed underneath the historic load-bearing brickwork that dates back to the 1860s. The majority of the structure is in the basement of the existing market. Existing shallow foundations and brick arches had to be found and uncovered, along with the unknown salt trench area. The project was continually surveyed, discovering new engineering problems and delivering structural solutions. R&R Associates work closely with Keltbray providing the bespoke reinforcement layouts for the daily discoveries encountered and the ever changing parameters.

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